Vaporizing Weed

By | February 28, 2016

Vaporizers for weed and T.H.C products

Back in the day all you needed to do was find a connect that had some green, roll it up and go for it, but now days it’s not so easy.  Smoking marijuana has become more scientific and people have been striving for a cleaner, safer and healthier way to ingest cannabis without resorting to combustion.

Here is where vaporizers come in.  As most of you know, a vaporizer is a device that heats up your liquid or dry flower to just below the point of combustion.  This reduces toxins, harmful chemicals and tar that you inhale.

Here we are going to give you examples of a few types of vaporizers on the market and what they do differently.

Vaporizers for weed

A vapor pen for weed is great for, well .. vaporizing weed.  They are basically vaporizers which have a specific job which is to vaporize dry flower rather than an E-Liquid or T.H.C Juice.

What a dry herb vaporizer does is heat the plant matter to just below the point of combustion.  This means that you will not be damaging your lungs as much as smoking the dry flower but can still get the beneficial effects you are looking for.

It is also much more discreet than combustion since there is much less scent when vaping.  Now when vaping dry herb there still will be a scent of the original flower that you put in.

There are two types of vaporizers for weed.

The tabletop vaporizer

This is a photo of a stationary vaporizer or table top vaporizer.  These are by far the best vapes you can buy and are extremely accurate in terms of temperature and offer you a whole array of settings for the perfect experience.

These also offer a built in fan which will pre-fill a bag with vapor for you.  This is by far the most efficient way to vape with the least amount of waste.

The downside is that they are not very portable.  This is meant for something you would keep on the living room table rather than bring to a festival with you.  Click on the photo if you would like more details about this vaporizer.

The portable dry flower vaporizer

This is essentially the same thing as the tabletop vaporizer but in a more compact and portable design.

Instead of plugging in the vaporizer to your outlet it features a rechargeable battery that you can plug into a wall or usb outlet to charge.  They are great for on the go and very customizable but they do lack the high quality precision of a table top vaporizer.

The only downside to these portable weed vaporizers is that they are only able to be used with dry flower or hash.  This means no oils or concentrates or you will risk breaking it.

Click here to get details on this portable vaporizer


Vaporizers for Concentrates

Vaporizers for concentrates are one of the most effective vaporizers.  Rather than vaporizing weed they vaporize concentrates like Honey Oil, Shatter, wax and hash.

These are great for when you are on the go or at home.  Since concentrates are so potent they do not need to be refilled often and can last for a very long time.

Concentrates have traditionally been very hard to smoke.  Honey oil is one of the stickiest things I have ever touched in my entire life.  If it gets on your clothes it will not come out and the methods for smoking it have been limited in the past.

Now all you need to do is fill this vaporizer up with your oil and voila.  Just push the button whenever you want to take a hit.  No more mess, no more stickiness and the smell is very different than dry herb so you will be much more nonchalant when vaping in public.

Make sure you remember that the smell of concentrates being vaped will be undetectable to most people but someone who knows what the smell of concentrates smells like will easily be able to tell what you are doing. Click the image about if you want to know more about that model.

Vaporizers for T.H.C-Juice

Vaporizers for T.H.C Juice are the newest thing in vaping.  Let’s start with this.

What is THC Juice?

T.H.C juice is simply an e-juice or e-liquid that has been combined with THC.  Most commonly it is either a Vegetable-Glycerine and Propylene-Glycol blend with a THC concentrate added to the mixture.

THC juice tastes like any normal E-juice, smells like any normal E-Juice, looks like any normal E-Juice and is pretty much E-Juice with THC added.

There is no way to detect that you are vaping THC-Juice by its scent or look since it is undesirable from traditional E-Juice and another great thing is that you can use any normal E-Cigarette to vape THC-Juice!

No special equipment needed!

The only downside to THC-Juice is that it is hard to find so you most likely will have to make it yourself and the frequency of your wick changes will be increased.

Click on the image to get details on how to make your own THC-Juice.


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