Top 6 Vape Juice Flavors

By | February 28, 2016

Top 6 E-Liquid Flavors

Now let me start off here.  These are MY top E-Juice flavors.  I am pretty sensitive to propylene-glycol so I don’t tend to get more than 50% P.G in my mixture and I have a tried a lot of different E-Juices but I make sure mine are made either in Canada or The United States.  I don’t necessarily go for the cheapest ones but I go with ones that I know for a fact are high quality, great flavored E-Juices that will not cause any allergies to flare up or side effects.

As I said some of them have a pretty reasonable price while others are a little higher priced.  For me it doesn’t matter that much mainly because I don’t vape all the time and consider myself a low to moderate user and second of all is that I used to smoke cigarettes until about a year ago.  Cigarettes cost way more than any E-Liquid on the market so the “high” prices of E-liquids and E-Juice don’t bother me too much.

Another thing is that while I don’t use nicotine in my e-liquids you can always get these ones with or without nicotine or even add your own.

So here it goes.  10 of my favorite E-liquids and E-Juice flavors with 1 being my favorite.  If you click on any of the photos they will take you to a link where you can purchase them or go shop on Ebay or through the manufacturer directly.  Always beware of counterfeits!



6.  Strawberry Express

When Uptown Vapor first came around they were entering a saturated market.  They had a small selection of e-juice but they focused on quality rather than quantity.  Over time they started to stock a wider array of flavors but nothing compares to Strawberry Express.  This was one of the first ones that I tried and has always held a special spot with me.

Uptown vapor is known for their quality and consistency as well as high end, rich flavors for a reasonable price.  If you click the photo above you can see their entire selection which has expanded dramatically to feature hundreds of different flavors.

5. Blue Cotton Vape Juice

Blue cotton is a very unique flavor.  I typically am not into berry based flavors since they usually kind of taste like cough medicine to me but this one is something different.  If you have ever went blueberry picking and smelt a bucket of fresh blueberries, that is exactly what this tastes like.

The taste is rather underwhelming as opposed to most other of the very strong berry e-liquids.  To me, this is the only berry E-Liquid I keep in my rotation.  Though not my favorite flavor in general, it is definitely my favorite berry flavor by far.


4.  1 Liter Pure Food Grade Vegetable Glycerine

Now this photo is a link to purchase 1 liter of pure, high quality vegetable glycerine or VG e liquid which is great for the folk who make or mix their own E-Liquid.  Now if you have a great propylene glycol E-juice that you love but just don’t like 100% propylene glycol you just need to mix the vegetable glycerin into the pg solution and just like that you now have a VG/PG blend with percentages tailored just to you.

Finding a good quality pure VG e-liquid can be hard to come by but this seller has always been reputable, trusted and offers consistent quality along with fast shipping.  I have been using this more and more because as I said I am very sensitive to propylene glycol e-juice and this offers me a way to dilute that intense flavor and when I am making my own E-liquids I would never have anything less than this.

3. Sons of Vapor

Another Made In Texas set of E-Liquids has made the list.  This one is an especially great gift for any “Sons Of Anarchy” lover with their funny names, great flavors and cool designs.  The wow factor does go down for those who do not like the TV show but the flavors still are diverse and rich.

This set will last about 4-6 months for most people and is well worth the money.  Just make sure that they do like “Sons Of Anarchy” so they can enjoy them to the fullest.

2. Victor Fields – E-Juice recipes

Lately I have found myself making more and more of my own E-Juice.  I find it to be fun first of all but also its a more customizable flavor, proportion of VG to PG and just a more personal experience.  Plus if you source your raw ingredients from reputable sources to begin with and follow these recipes you can be guaranteed to be getting nothing but the absolute best quality.

Many people nowadays are just brewing the stuff in their bathtub with no regards for cleanliness, quality or health.  I am down to just a handful of good, high quality suppliers now and some of them can be very inconsistent at times so for me the logical next step in my vaping evolution is making my own flavors.

It is also by far the cheapest, most cost effective way to vape.  You will never find yourself running out of flavors and liquids anymore.  A year’s supply will cost you about $50-$70 to get a great assortment of flavors plus top quality raw ingredients.  Click the photo to take a peek at some of the recipes and reviews.


1. Uptown Premium Set

The Uptown premium set is by far the best E-liquid set you can buy.  They are made in Texas and offer such a high quality assortment of diverse flavors that anyone would love.  Click on the image above for more info on each individual flavor.  If you are new to vaping, looking to try something new, have already tried a few of these flavors and want more or are looking for a gift then this is the set.

I typically purchase this set about once every 4 months and have yet to get sick of it after over a year of using it.  I started vaping with them and will have no intention of switching them out of my rotation.

The only downside to this set is that it doesn’t include Strawberry Express which is actually one of the better flavors around.  I am admittedly a little sick of Strawberry Express because I started with it and I vaped it pretty much exclusively for a few months.



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