Spotting Bad E-Liquid

By | February 22, 2016
Spotting bad quality E-Liquid can be harder than you think

Spotting bad quality E-Liquid can be harder than you think

Did you buy bad E-Liquid?

This is often a question especially when you are just getting into vaping or when you try a new supplier for the first time.  Vaping can be quite the gamble if you do not do you homework ahead of time.  Many of the low cost producers are very shady in their practices and have little to no quality control.

What to know about E-Liquid from small batch producers

When you buy E-Liquid from small or unknown sellers you are taking a risk.  Now risks have great rewards many times but they can also be horrible mistakes.

There are 3 kinds of sellers.  The first seller is the small mom & pop type operation.  They try their best to produce a quality product with quality ingredients for a reasonable price.  These sellers may not always have the best flavors simply because they are new.  They try their best and give you the best support, service and really value your feedback and over time will become highly regarded because of this.

Large sized E-Juice production

Large sized E-Juice production

The second seller is the greedy E-Liquid producer.  This is the seller that creates a website, gets the cheapest ingredients they can find and mixes it up without regards for cleanliness or quality.  They know they are not good at brewing up E-Liquid and are only going to give you the bare minimum so they can make the most profit possible.  They know that after you try their E-Liquid you will not be back, so why waste money on good ingredients?

The third E-Liquid seller is the wholesaler.  The wholesaler sells E-Liquids made my many different companies, people, banners etc.  They sell their E-Liquids at very small markups and make money on the sheer number of orders they fill.  They are great only if you know exactly what you want.  Their customer service will typically be lacking and products they stock will be of high quality, medium quality, low quality and even worse.  They do not have time to try every brand so they buy them all at a discount and only re-order what sells.

How to choose the best E-Liquid?

Choosing the best E-Liquid can be a huge ordeal.  When getting started you need to order from many different suppliers and try many different E-liquid blends and formulas until you find the perfect balance for you.  And that is just the E-Liquid without flavoring.  After that you need to find your top flavors.

This is why we always have and always will recommend making your own E-Liquid from the beginning.  This may sound like a daunting task but rest assured it is really simple and will save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run!

Some producers fill the bottles as fast as orders come in with no regard as to what goes into the bottles - or the people

Some producers fill the bottles as fast as orders come in with no regard as to what goes into the bottles – or the people

All you need to do is buy the raw ingredients.  PG, VG, Nicotine if you choose to add this to your blends and Flavor.  The PG and VG can be purchased in bulk for next to nothing so you can feel confident buying the best quality and know you aren’t breaking the bank and the flavors can be purchased in quantities as small as 1 ml until you find the right ones for you and then you can buy them in bulk.

Why make my own E-Juice

Making your own E-Juice is cheaper first of all but more importantly it is safer.  You are there to make sure the raw ingredients are the best, everything is done in a clean environment and is exactly the way you want it every time.  Plus you are able to experiment more and customize your E-Liquid to suite your tastes.  If you want only 20% PG you can make that happen!  If you are just learning about making your own E-Juice check out this book below.  E-Juice Recipes is a great and free guide last time we checked that teaches you how to make up your own batches of E-Juice and is so easy even a beginner can get it right their first time.

E-Juice Recipes: E-Juice Liquid Recipes For Vaping For Your Electronic Cigarette, E-Hookah & More!


Asides from that Victor Fields has also made it extremely easy to blend and create some of the best, most unique flavors of E-Juice, E-Liquid, E-Hookah formulas.  Plus it includes other all time favorites like Strawberry and Vanilla Custard, Grape Ape, Monkey Leisure and more.  Read the book for free or purchase a copy as a gift.


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