How to Vape Safely

By | February 22, 2016


Safe Vaping gets hard and harder the farther away from home you shop

Safe Vaping gets hard and harder the farther away from home you shop

How can you vape safely?

How to vape safely is probably the number 1 question people want the answer to.  This is a question that will impact all of our lives directly and if we do not show businesses that we are serious about this then product quality will get worse and worse.  Now we have heard the bad stories from homemade Chinese e-liquid which is carcinogenic and batteries and vape pens randomly exploding etc.
The majority of these stories are 1 in a million and can sometimes even be expected!  What do we mean by this?  Basically if a certain type of vaporizer is selling for $100 at every reputable company and you find one company, we will use the name “Xiamen Quality Vape Co” for our hypothetical example, sell the same vaporizer for $7USD including shipping then there is a good chance that it will be of sub-par quality.

Buying cheap vaporizers and E-Juice

Why is it a bad idea to buy from a company like this?  First of all they are all the way in China.  If something ever did go wrong you have little to no option for recourse.  They know that customers are only coming to them for the lowest price and do not expect too much in terms of quality so they use the worst quality, cheapest parts they can find.  Now of that $7 remember that they need to make a profit.  So if they are including shipping and selling you a vape pen on top of that, well you can imagine the quality.  Let’s say they spend $.50 on shipping, $4.50 on parts then they will make $2 profit from you.  How much quality control do you think you are getting for $4.50?

I myself have been guilty of buying from a company like this.  My very first vape was one of these ones and it developed leaks within the first week!  Now that’s not so bad compared to some of the other stories out there.  When you are looking to purchase your first vaporizer you are going to be at a disadvantage because you are new.  This means that you may of studied and have a fair bit of knowledge about vaporizers but you still haven’t actually had good experience vaping.

Choosing the best vaporizers for you

You can learn about what the “perfect vaporizer” is from someone else but that is their own personal preference.  My advice would be not to start out with a high ticket vape just because it has good reviews but rather start out with a low to medium priced vaporizer and spend some time with it.  Learn what you personally like, don’t like and wish you had on this vape and then you can go out and spend a good chunk of money on a long term vaporizer that you know you will use for years to come.

Remember that vaporizers don’t have good resale values so if you buy an expensive one that you don’t like in the beginning then you may be out of luck if it doesn’t fit you perfectly.

Some vaporizers will help you get the biggest clouds, without the big risks

Some vaporizers will help you get the biggest clouds, without the big risk

Sub-Ohm Vaping

The next problem is that people who vape tend to start small but it doesn’t stay that way long.  While cloud chasing aka looking for bigger, thicker clouds they will start experimenting by modifying their own vaporizer.  This can be dangerous even if you are a seasoned veteran.  Sub-ohm vaping can cause permanent damage to your vaporizer but more importantly it can permanently damage YOU!

Sub-Ohm Vaping produces big clouds with big risks

Sub-Ohm Vaping produces big clouds with big risks

This is the type of story the media just loves to cover.  You can see a headline which would read something along the lines of “Teenager suffers third degree burns on face when his vape pen explodes”.  Now these articles don’t often specify that he bought a low quality vaporizer from a random shady company in china, the battery was mislabeled and he was attempting to modify the vaporizer when this happened.

Low Quality VS High Quality Vaporizers

When a person sub-ohm vapes, what they are trying to do is push the limits of their battery to get the biggest cloud possible.  Now remember that not all products out of China are bad.  Iphones are of great quality and are made in china but so are Yi-phones.  Typically you have an option to pay $10 to manufacture the phone or $200.  This is what makes a low quality product.  When a company comes in, tries to create the same product at a fraction of the cost and saturate the market.  This often leads to battery output being mislabeled as well as other parts.

Now if you don’t accurately calculate the drain rate for your e-cig battery, then the power load can exceed what your vaporizer is physically capable of dealing with which can cause your vaporizer to overheat, melt and in some extreme cases even explode.

That is why we recommend that you never manually alter a battery’s resistance level and especially from a random company you found on the net without any reviews or quality control standards!

Choosing a safe E-Liquid

Now the next part seems obvious.  E-Liquids come in all flavors, forms, qualities and can be great or just horrible.  The best ways to purchase a high quality E-Liquid are to purchase them from a reputable company which is preferable located in Canada or the United States and manufactures their own product on-shore with high quality control standards.  There are many companies which not only meet these criteria but also surpass them.

What you need to look for personally if you are just starting out with vaping is trying a variety of liquids.  Try different rations of PG and VG e-liquids.  Typically VG gives a larger cloud and is more natural than PG but VG is not very good at holding flavor.  PG is great for holding flavor and  giving a “throat hit” which is the feeling you get in your throat after you take a hit from your vape, but some would argue that it is not as natural as VG and the clouds will not be as thick.

This is why most E-Liquids are a PG/VG blend which brings together the best of both worlds.  The key is finding a blend which is good for you.  Some people like VG 80% PG 20%, others like the opposite and really the options are huge.  Get out there, buy samplers and try many different blends and flavors.  If you are using nicotine also try different levels of nicotine and feel how it affects you, how it tastes and go from there.

At the end of the day just make sure you do your research and don’t cheap out.  With vaporizers you do not buy a new one every month so don’t worry about the upfront cost, especially if you are quitting smoking you will recover the initial upfront investment over and over again throughout the life of your new vaporizer!

Let us know if you have any tips of your own or questions!

Safe vaping to all from

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